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Reaching out to the right digital audience through ads

Our clients not only get access to the digital strategy and technical knowledge they need to formulate effective marketing plans, but they also get everything they need to improve ROI (return-on-investment). The insight and creativity provided by a digital media team ensures that every campaign our clients invest in is optimized for success. We are responsible not only for managing their accounts but in some instances also buying the media for the client directly from the ad platforms listed below.

Following are some of the activities we undertake within the media buying and planning umbrella:-

  • Search Engine Marketing
    Our team is proficient with the complex bidding aspects within Search Engine Marketing which gives us the edge and helps create & optimize the most successful pay per click campaigns that can be used to target the right consumer.
  • Display and Video Ad Buying
    Our certified professionals give us the edge on planning effective campaigns through various platforms which supply ads to over 1 Billion websites and applications. Our team is well versed with the complex ad creation and targeting structure that allows us to create the most bang for your buck.
  • Social Media Ads
    Social Media is fast becoming the largest network through which ads are distributed world wide. Our team has extensive knowledge on the various social media ad platforms and constantly studies the ever changing nature of the same to deliver the best ad results focused on ROI for our clients through our media buying services.
  • Content Marketing
    Through multiple platforms we are able to purchase online ads that showcase as content or articles withing website and help in the organic growth of a website's traffic.
  • Re-Marketing
    Most of the media partners we use offer cookie based ad services that will follow your customers around on various websites because they have interacted with your brand digitally. We are able configure and deply the same type of ads for all our clients.

Many 1st party and 3rd party ad platforms exist that allow our client’s ads to be seen on a multitude of websites to potential customers. We have worked with a wide variety of them, some of the same that we purchase media form are listed below:-

  • Google Adwords
    Controls all of the ads shown over Google’s search engine, all partnered website (over 1 Billion websites) and YouTube.
  • Facebook Ads
    We help manage the largest social media ad platform comprising of Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Facebook Partnered Sites.
  • LinkedIn
    Linkedin has a robust ad network which helps target specific professionals.
  • Twitter
    Another large platform through which we can push ads to various demographics on the Twitter application and website.
  • InMobi
    A 3rd party ad serving agency that is able to get and deploy ads on mobile applications that otherwise do not serve ads.
  • Taboola
    A content aggregation service that helps push content in the form of ads on websites.
  • Ad Rol
    A Robust remarketing ad network that allows us to repeatedly show ads to our target audience.
  • Private Media Deals
    We also help formulate private deals on specific websites for our clients. Some examples include, expatwomen.com; dubailad.com; cricinfo.com
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