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Solving Tomorrows Problem Today

Our objective is to deliver the best in class experience by making 'cutting edge' the corner stone behind every digital strategy created for our clients. In order to achieve this, DiiSRUPT offers the most advanced digital practices through its proprietary software bundle. These include but are not limited to the following:-


Augmented Reality

We have a team of individuals that will help our client realize their next marketing goal through the vision of augmented reality. This technology will allow interaction and placement of products digitally into the real world, and help gain unique reach and interactivity for our clients.


Artificial Intelligent Enabled Media Buying

Media reports can be highly taxing to collate, create and understand. Another unique product we look at bringing to the market is automated report aggregation, automated report creation and AI augmented media buying. The first two tasks are quite easy, where the product acts like an aggregator and pulls reports from various media platforms including Google, Facebook, and other 3rd party media outlets. The third phase of the product is to enable AI to read the reports and on the fly change bidding patterns, creative placements and website placements where the ads are seen to meet the objectives of the client, whether it be to garner more reach, clicks or conversions.


Artificially Intelligent Chat Bots

Another offering in our lineup of products to our customers is to create and deploy AI enabled chat bots for chat mediums that already exist. We have already developed a Whatsapp chat-bot that will help our customers answer queries instantaneously ranging from product delivery, product grievances to many more.


Mutative Content Platform

As a team we are always looking to better websites and make deliver more for our clients than just being a catalogue for their products. In this light, the websites that our clients have need to be ever evolving and not static. Keeping this in mind our team is working on enhancing websites through the following proprietary processes:

  • Live Page Analyzer – an intelligent system that checks which pages are getting the most hits, shares, likes from around the internet and gives it a score. This score can then be used by our customers to push these pages for more visibility or embed other content within these pages to showcase no-performing products and grant them more visibility. This system will allow better product discovery, internally from within websites.
  • Keyword Morphing Tools – Since SEO for pages are dependent on keywords, our Keyword morphing tool allow the keywords on the page to be automatically changed based on search patterns that users have used to reach the website. This tool will allow for better organic discovery of multiple pages and removes the guessing elements behind creating keyword rich content for websites.
  • Intelligent User Matrix – our sophisticated cookie enabled algorithms determine what types of users are landing on each page of a website. This allows the system to determine their likes, buying patterns and other trends thus enabling us to show relevant content to the user that has landed on the pages.